The knowledge about Artificial Stone Countertops

What is the artificial stone countertop?

beautiful colorful artificial stone countertops

beautiful colorful artificial stone countertops

Artificial stone countertop means the countertop made from the artificial stone. The artificial stone is one kind new composite material, and it is made from unsaturated polyester resin mixing with padding, pigment and a little initiator, after some processing process, the artificial stone is born. During the production, the artificial stone will become more colorful and bright if add some different pigment. Now the artificial stone becomes one of the new favorite in the decoration construction market for its advantage of nontoxicity, non-radioactive, fire resistance, oil-free, anti dirt penetration, antibiosis, mould proof, wear-resisting, impact resistance, easy maintenance, jointless, many patterns and so on.

How to use the artificial stone countertop

  • Normal countertop: cupboard vanity, bathroom countertop, window sill, commercialtop, dinning table, registration table, desk table, computer desk, bar countertop and so on. The artificial stone has the characteristics of natural and solid texture of the marble and the brightness and easy to process of the ceramic. So the application of the artificial marble stone shows that the decoration art is from the nature stone stage stepping to the new artificial stone stage.
  • Hospital table, experiment table: The artificial marble stone has better acid and alkali resistance and easy to clean, so it widely apply to the hospital table and experiment table where need the extremely clean and aseptic condition.

The notice when using the artificial stone

new artificial marble stones

Three kinds of quality artificial stones

It is extremely unavailable to put the high-temperature things on the artificial stone countertop directly or long time.

  • Do not use the artificial stone countertops the cutting board, and put the cutting board on it before chopping the vegetable.
  • Trying to keep dry for the artificial stone countertop surface
  • Preventing the artificial stone countertop surface from the strong chemical.

How to maintain the artificial stone countertop

For the much stain and dirt: Using the soap-suds or the cleaner including the ammonium hydroxide(like dish detergent) to clean. For the incrustation remover: Using the wet cleaning cloth to remove the incrustation, then use the dry cleaning cloth to clean the surface. For the cutting marks, burning marks and scratches: Using the 400-600 grit sandpaper to grid until the marks disappear, then use the cleaner and scouring pad to clean the surface.

Nowadays, more and more customers focus on the environmental protection and hygienism for the artificial stone kitchen countertop, because the food has a close contact with the countertop, so the wear-resistance and antimicrobial properties of the countertop will influence the daily life directly. However, choose the artificial marble stone countertops, choose the healthy life.

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