The Great Advantages of Marble Vanity Countertops

The marble vanity countertop is accepted by the high end market for its elegant nature texture, however, most customers has the difficulty to choose the carrara marble vanity top for its radiation problem and identification method. In the following, this article may help you to solve it.
Marble is the limestone with recrystallization, and its main ingredient is CaCO3. The limestone will soften under high temperature and high press, and when the changes occur on the mineral substance, it will recrystallize to the marble. What is more, the marble floor mainly process to all kinds of slabs and tiles to work as the wall, floor, countertop and column for the buildings, also the monument, tower and statue for the commemorative buildings.

custom bathroom marble vanitiy top

custom bathroom vanitiy top with white wood carrara marble

What is the advantages of the marble vanity countertops?

1.Indeformable. The marble vanity countertop has high hardness and strong wear-resistance. After the long time natural weathering, the marble structure is even, and less thermal expansion coefficient, also the internal stress disappears completely, so the marble is indeformable.
2.Acid and alkali resistance. The marble vanity countertop surface will not cause the rust, not need to coat the oil, and not easy to stick dust, what is more, it is easier to maintain, and has a longer lifespan.
3.Wear-resistance, the marble vanity countertop is heat-resistance. Excepting high intensity, strong wear-resistance and less deformation under the high temperature, there will exist little scratches, and can keep the original physical feature under the normal temperature.
4.The marble vanity countertop has stable physical property, close inner structure, and it will not cause the rough edge to keep the excellent flatness on the surface; the marble vanity countertop has stable texture so that it can keep indeformable for a long time; the marble vanity countertop has little thermal expansion coefficient, and it is rust-proof, anti-magnetism and insulative.

High value white marble vanity countertop

Luxurious marble vanity countertop for Bathroom

About the radiation of the marble vanity countertops

The marble vanity countertops not only have the extremely high requirements for the firmness and environmental protection, but also control the radioactivity strictly. For a long time, most people mistakenly think all marble vanity countertop will cause the radiation, so they always hesitate to choose to buy marble vanity top. In fact, there is lower radioactivity for the marble vanity countertop, which will not cause the harms for the human, also, it is oil-proof and convenient to clean.
When clean the marble vanity countertops, it is better to use less water. We can clean the marble vanity countertops with the mild cleaner and the moist cleaning cloth, then use the clean soft cleaning cloth to clean it.

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