HistoryCountertops Company Countertops Producing Craft

The stone countertops of Kitchen and Bath is mainly include Artificial Stone, Marble and Granite countertops. The marble and granite countertops is the mainstream and count to the number of production and application,the historycountertops granite countertop is the most extensive.
If lack of experience in producing process, which will result some problems. However, for our strict attitude in quality requirements, HistoryCountertops will never allowed to appear any defects; if happened, History Team must rework timely to rescue it.

how the gray granite countertop be manufactured

the processing of granite countertop by historycountertops

The processing procedures of HistoryCountertops is:

Great choice of materials→cutting→polishing→edge cutting→edge processing→basin digging and drilling holes→finishing→whole assembling→packing→completion

There are characteristics of History Manufacture:

At first, the best glue in countertops working course: so you do not have to worry about the glue coloring error on the tops. Especially for some light-colored stone, the glue choosing is one of the most important step.

Then, we also spend much more time in the edge processing of granite countertops, three times than steps of processing. The only purpose is to make countertops’ feature–Edge Modeling achieve high standards.

Thirdly,Quality Testing: Inspection block by block, found unqualified products and timely replaced or rework. At the same time check it qualified or not of edge smoothness, tactual sensation, flatness and any others for these combination countertop products. It is necessary to spell them together and notice the combination of the color, interface, matching degree, which must be in accordance with the drawings without any error.

granite countertop will be packed carefully when shipping

how the granite countertop packed by historycountertops

For product packaging, according to customer requirements or stone character, package two blunt surface relatively and sandwiched a scratch-resistant flexible diaphragm between surface. Countertops should be placed vertically, making the stone vertical force, do not horizontally. Packaged with all the package bundled into a whole, do not loose.

It seems that you have boundless choices when you need granite countertops for kitchens and bathrooms, and you will takes much times to research. Actually, you don’t have to. Here you can just pick up styles needed, and we will supply what you need as per your expectation. And there are certification and award to show how we are. That’s why you choose HistoryCountertops.

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