How to reduce the Scratches on the Granite Countertop


Chinese White Granite Stone Countertop

Chinese White Granite Stone Countertop

In some customers’ opinions, there will not cause the scratches on the stone after cutting by the sharp objects. However, the granite countertop is made of the granite, while the granite is a kind of porous igneous rock, and its main ingredients are the quartz and feldspar. On account of the extremely hard surface, like the diamond, for the granite, so the granite has very excellent ability to prevent the scratching. But, the granite countertop is easy to scratch after the long time using.

american granite kitchen countertop

american granite kitchen countertop

However, how can we do to avoid the scratches on the kitchen granite countertops?

  1. Sealing the granite countertop

The granite countertop is the porous material, without the proper maintenance, it will be easier to leave the scratches. The sealing compound will cause the protective cover to protect the granite countertop, and this protective cover will help to make the granite countertop surface more smooth and bright. Usually, the manufacturer will seal the kitchen granite countertops again before selling it, but this protective cover will wear away little by little with the time flies. So the granite countertop need the regular maintenance.

  1. Avoid using the sharp objects on the granite countertop

The granite countertop is usually use for the food preparation, but it will leave the ugly scratches on the granite countertop of cutting something on it directly. So you can put the chopping board or the wooden cutting board before cutting something. If it is inevitable to cutting something on the granite countertop directly, try to cut softly.

  1. Avoid dragging the kitchen equipment from the granite countertop

Blender, food processor, stove, stirrer and other heavy kitchen equipment which may have the sharp edge inside, and these sharp edge will scratch the white granite countertop. In order to avoid this condition, do not drag the heavy things on the granite countertop directly. If the kitchen equipment is too heavy, you can ask someone else for help, or put the foam carpet under the kitchen equipment, because the foam carpet is conducive to move things, in the meantime, it will avoid the scratches on the kitchen granite countertops.

Each time, you have to clean the white granite countertop after using, for the remnant, after the food preparation, leave on the granite countertop will scratch the granite countertop. You can use the litmusless soap-suds to clean the countertop, and make sure there is not the harmful particle on it. In addition, use the sponge to clean the granite countertop will help to reduce the scratches.




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