How to Maintain the Sandstone Countertop: Porosity Is the Lethal Weakness

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Best sandstone countertop outlet american

The sandstone countertop will be worn if using frequently, also the improper cleaning action will do harm for it.

If you would like to keep the beautiful appearance, brightness, texture and practicability of the sandstone countertop, you have to take the special maintenance action.

In most people’s opinion, the sandstone is the very hard stone, so it is not necessary to maintain. However, on the contrary, every kind of stone has its own weakness, and the porosity is one of the weakness of the sandstone. Unfortunately, due to this porous structure, the water is easier to penetrate into the sandstone, once the water penetrate, it will cause the color changing and chemical stain on the sandstone, and this spots will become impartible part for the sandstone. So, the sandstone needs the special maintenance.

Do not use any detergent or cleaning technology. The improper usage of the detergent will cause serious result. Before using and testing the detergent, examine the tags completely, you have to stopping using it once some untoward effect occurs.

classic white sandstone counterop for kitchen

classic white sandstone counterop for kitchen

If the corian sandstone countertop finishes the sealing, you can take some easy cleaning way to protect it. Sealing id very important protective measures, and once the sandstone finishes the sealing it can last for many years. After sealing, also need to be careful when using the sandstone countertop.

Removing the spillage promptly, do not leave the spillage leave on the corian sandstone countertop for a long time. When cleaning the sandstone countertop, it is better to use the litmusless detergent or the colorless and odorless abluent, also the moderate dishwashing detergent. It is forbidden to use the acid detergent, which will corrode the sandstone countertop.

Washing the sandstone countertop and the grouting part and do not put the detergent on the sandstone countertop. It is available to use the banister brush to remove the residue, if the dirt can not be removed, do not scrape it, and can clean repetitively.

The corian sandstone countertop needs occasional deep cleaning, and it is necessary to use the litmusless detergent. You can purchase the cleaning tools which are specialized in the deep cleaning. After spraying the detergent, do not erase it at once, and finally, it has to wash the corian sandstone countertop completely.

The followings are several suggestions for the sandstone countertop maintenance.

1)   The sandstone countertop detergent must be moderate;

2)   The detergent can not include the acid or citrus acid which will do harm for the brightness for the sandstone countertop surface;

3)   Be careful if use the vacuum cleaner with the metal ware which will scratch the sandstone countertop surface;

4)   Do not use the abrasive cleaner which will scratch the sandstone countertop surface for its abradant ingredient;

5)   Do not put the high temperature kitchen ware on the sandstone countertop directly, it had better to put the mat at first.

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