How to choose high quality granite stone

Granite Stone has a variety of patterns and beautiful colors for the interior designers to provide a lot of creative elements. More and more people wholesale granite stone to increase the simple taste in modern home decoration. Then the stone from the choice, pavement to the post-maintenance all have subtle differences. If you don’t pay attention, the stone can not show the beauty of the desired.

Wholesale Chinese Brown Granite Stone

brow granite stone export to American

The good and bad points of brown granite stone depends on the quality and processing of blocks. High quality granite stone surface without too much variegated color, color uniform, not suddenly light and strong, but the poor quality stone after processing will have a lot of “defects” can’t be covered up. Therefore, the stone surface pattern is an important index to evaluate the quality of stone. If the processing technology not up accessories, the finished product will appear warping, depression, stains, missing edge off angle, color lines, cracks, pits and other phenomena, this granite stone is certainly not “top grade”.

According to the people who specialize in the sale of imported granite stone, high-quality granite stone should be cutting the edge of the board without neat edges, smooth surface, high brightness, hand touch no rough feeling.

Chinese milky white granite tiles

20*20 inch milky white granite tiles

Decoration on the ground to avoid “a murky sky over a dark earth”
Home decoration should choose those light color granite stone as a decorative material, such as milky white granite tiles.It can give a warm, quiet feeling, but also the effect of expanding the ground area.
From the species that should try to choose those wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistant brown granite stone. In terms of selling price, the large yield light-colored granite series is relatively cheap.It is suitable for general income family to buy, and easier to ingredient to replace the damaged part. From the plate specifications, the ground should try to choose granite sheet (8 to 12 mm), which is mainly to consider the ground strength and housing bearing two factors.

Modern white granite countertops for kitchenq

Kitchen white granite countertops

Countertop color should resistant dirty
Granite Stone decoration products into the home more is made of all kinds of furniture table tops, which should take into account pollution problems, and thus to choose some deep color stone, like green, blue, red series of marble and granite. Granite with large patterns have better decorative effect.
Kitchen granite countertops should choose thick plate 25 mm. Because granite in the kitchen with too much acid and alkali can be durable and yet luster, and have a very high strength.

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