Artificial Stone


The Feature of the Artificial Stone Countertop

Nowadays, there are many kind of kitchen countertops in the market, like artificial stone countertop, refractory slab countertop, also the granite countertop. For so many texture, the experts suggest to use the artificial stone, for it is more reliable and environmental protective. At first, the artificial stone has the feature of various design and colors. Like […]

The knowledge about Artificial Stone Countertops

What is the artificial stone countertop? Artificial stone countertop means the countertop made from the artificial stone. The artificial stone is one kind new composite material, and it is made from unsaturated polyester resin mixing with padding, pigment and a little initiator, after some processing process, the artificial stone is born. During the production, the artificial stone will become more […]

Analysis of commonly used countertops

1.Ceramic Ceramic is a kind of metal and glass between the goods, are fragile goods; at present, there is no uniform national standards for the thickness of the ceramic, in order to save costs, most businesses’ thickness has not reached the safety standards; it leads to ceramic are easily broken or disconnected, the broken ceramic […]

HistoryCountertops Company Countertops Producing Craft

The stone countertops of Kitchen and Bath is mainly include Artificial Stone, Marble and Granite countertops. The marble and granite countertops is the mainstream and count to the number of production and application,the historycountertops granite countertop is the most extensive. If lack of experience in producing process, which will result some problems. However, for our […]