Analysis of commonly used countertops


one white ceramic sink for countertop

white ceramic countertop sinks

Ceramic is a kind of metal and glass between the goods, are fragile goods; at present, there is no uniform national standards for the thickness of the ceramic, in order to save costs, most businesses’ thickness has not reached the safety standards; it leads to ceramic are easily broken or disconnected, the broken ceramic water chestnut especially sharp and easy to scratch the skin even; so use the process to be especially careful. If you have children, please do not choose the unknown brand, you have heard of the consequences of poor toilet sitting broken! So it is best to choose a big brand of ceramic countertop sinks, big brands in terms of quality and service is more secure.

Yellow marble countertop for bathroom

Top value Yellow marble countertop

Natural marble stone is just the opposite of ceramics, it is hard and not brittle, the thickness of the marble general in 1.6CM or more; the color of marble is rich and varied, and it can be processed into various shapes, it is a variety of high-grade bathroom furniture first material, the key is the natural marble stone can not fade, it can maintain the home Furnishing & supplies fresh, and ceramics color will turn yellow and fade when used a long time. Marble is sedimentary rock, radiation is very small, in line with national safety standards of marble product has no harm for the human body. Custom bathroom cabinets generally use white marble countertop, because marble can be flexible in terms of size control, it is fully consistent with the customized dimensional requirements the bathroom cabinet.

15cm whide white quartz countertops

white quartz stone countertops

Quartz stone is another kind of durable material besides artificial stone. The excellent performance of quartz stone that is can greatly increase the hardness, strength and wear resistance of artificial stone, and it is not easy to scratch in the process of use. That is a great advantage for countertop material. In the use of the bathroom cabinet, there will always be something, such as cosmetics and toothpaste falling on the table in the case, that may penetrate the table and leave a mark cannot be wiped.

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