The Feature of the Artificial Stone Countertop

Nowadays, there are many kind of kitchen countertops in the market, like artificial stone countertop, refractory slab countertop, also the granite countertop. For so many texture, the experts suggest to use the artificial stone, for it is more reliable and environmental protective.

At first, the artificial stone has the feature of various design and colors. Like the natural stone, the artificial stone has many decorative patterns and different colors. However, compared with the natural stone, its decorative patterns will give consumers more choice. So according to their own house decoration feature, the customers can select the artificial stone countertop according to their own need at random.

Secondly, there will not the aberration for the artificial stone countertop, also the lighter weight. Someone may worry about the aberration when selecting the stone as the countertop, actually, this worry is not necessary. For the artificial stone is very flat with no pores, so the oil contamination is harder to penetrate into it, it has strong ability to prevent the dirt and very easy to clean. On account of the artificial stone is made of the mountain flour, the thickness is thinner and lighter weight. So the pressure on the cabinet will be less, and the lifespan of the cabinet will be longer.

Black artificial stone for american kitchen countertop

Black artificial stone for american kitchen countertop

What is more, the artificial stone is made by the seamless splicing technology. So it has closer texture. Usually, if the countertop area is larger or it needs to turn a corner, it is inevitable to use the splicing technology. At that time, it has to cutting the artificial stone, and process to different modelling, then combine to the pattern we need, after that, use the seamless policing technology to joint the artificial stone countertop together. Finally, deal the artificial stone countertop by grinding and polishing technology, and then, the effect will be very good. After this seamless policing technology, the artificial stone countertop looks like the whole stone without the marks of the policing, and has very great decorative effect.

Finally, the artificial stone countertop is more environmental protective and beneficial for the human health. As we all know, the artificial stone is made of the natural mountain flour, resin and the natural pigment, after the placing and special dealing, then forms the artificial stone. The resin is a kind of the functional additive, thanks for it, artificial stone has very efficient environmental feature. There will not any sanitation problems if the food touch the artificial stone countertop directly. So it is the good material for the modern kitchen countertops. Nowadays, for the house decoration, most people will choose the artificial stone with the resin as the kitchen countertops for it has beautiful appearance, environmental protective, and is beneficial for the healthy diet.

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How to reduce the Scratches on the Granite Countertop


Chinese White Granite Stone Countertop

Chinese White Granite Stone Countertop

In some customers’ opinions, there will not cause the scratches on the stone after cutting by the sharp objects. However, the granite countertop is made of the granite, while the granite is a kind of porous igneous rock, and its main ingredients are the quartz and feldspar. On account of the extremely hard surface, like the diamond, for the granite, so the granite has very excellent ability to prevent the scratching. But, the granite countertop is easy to scratch after the long time using.

american granite kitchen countertop

american granite kitchen countertop

However, how can we do to avoid the scratches on the kitchen granite countertops?

  1. Sealing the granite countertop

The granite countertop is the porous material, without the proper maintenance, it will be easier to leave the scratches. The sealing compound will cause the protective cover to protect the granite countertop, and this protective cover will help to make the granite countertop surface more smooth and bright. Usually, the manufacturer will seal the kitchen granite countertops again before selling it, but this protective cover will wear away little by little with the time flies. So the granite countertop need the regular maintenance.

  1. Avoid using the sharp objects on the granite countertop

The granite countertop is usually use for the food preparation, but it will leave the ugly scratches on the granite countertop of cutting something on it directly. So you can put the chopping board or the wooden cutting board before cutting something. If it is inevitable to cutting something on the granite countertop directly, try to cut softly.

  1. Avoid dragging the kitchen equipment from the granite countertop

Blender, food processor, stove, stirrer and other heavy kitchen equipment which may have the sharp edge inside, and these sharp edge will scratch the white granite countertop. In order to avoid this condition, do not drag the heavy things on the granite countertop directly. If the kitchen equipment is too heavy, you can ask someone else for help, or put the foam carpet under the kitchen equipment, because the foam carpet is conducive to move things, in the meantime, it will avoid the scratches on the kitchen granite countertops.

Each time, you have to clean the white granite countertop after using, for the remnant, after the food preparation, leave on the granite countertop will scratch the granite countertop. You can use the litmusless soap-suds to clean the countertop, and make sure there is not the harmful particle on it. In addition, use the sponge to clean the granite countertop will help to reduce the scratches.




Cleaning and maintenance of artificial stone countertops

Chinese artificial stone tiles for kitchen wall

Chinese artificial stone tiles for kitchen wall and countertop

Cleaning of artificial stone countertops

Artificial stone is a dense material wit artificial synthesis solid pores, it has the characteristics of corrosion resist all kinds of stains, food, edible oil, soy sauce, vinegar, alcohol, iodine, citric acid, lipstick, shoe polish, ink stains and so on are not as much harm and leaching of artificial stone. For the artificial stone countertop scientific clearing methods are followed:
Ordinary cleaning:
For artificial stone kitchen countertops, usually use a simple cleaning and maintenance. For example, artificial stone countertop with water stains or a large number of stains, you can use a wet rag scrub and a large number of household detergents or soap can be immediately removed.

Stains or cut:
For the artificial stone cut or stain can not be washed on the ordinary methods, it can use the household cleaning powder and wipe removal piece of scouring pads, using the fine sandpaper can reach Stronger purification.
Strong pollution treatment:
For processing the artificial stone with the strong stains, cigarette burns scar or a large number of cut, available water sandpaper to remove stains or cut and using polishing machine for polishing.The more exaggerated damage should be combined with the dealer, they have the skill and set the device to repair the wound.

In the process of using the artificial stone be careful, don’t literally butts on it, not just the cutting operation in the above, once has a large area of damage, it will not be able to restore.

Historycountertops artificial stone kitchen countertop

Historycountertops artificial stone kitchen countertop

Artificial stone countertop maintenance

Many consumers in the choice of cabinet countertops, like artificial stone, because of its strong modeling ability, the overall cost is cheaper than natural stone. However, some consumers ignore the later maintenance, they do not know that it is also essential to extend the life of artificial stone kitchen countertops.

1.Do not put the high temperature object directly on the artificial stone countertop
Take hot pot directly from the stove or oven and the microwave, or other high temperature appliance may bring damage to the artificial stone surface. Using a pot holder with rubber feet or a heat shield on the top.
2.Do not use the artificial stone as the cutting board
Padding cutting boards when cutting, although the artificial stone is solid and durable, but doing so will leave unsightly scratches and blunt the knife. If you leave the knife mark, it can according to the track depth, using 180-400 sandpaper to wipe the surface, then using scouring cloth to clean again.
3.Artificial stone surface should try to keep dry
Because the water contains a lot of bleach and scale, residence time is too long, it will make the countertop color becomes shallow and affect the appearance. If has the phenomenon, please wipe with a 600#-1200# water abrasive paper then sprayed with “Bi Franc” after dry .

How to Maintain the Sandstone Countertop: Porosity Is the Lethal Weakness

Best sandstone countertop outlet american

Best sandstone countertop outlet american

The sandstone countertop will be worn if using frequently, also the improper cleaning action will do harm for it.

If you would like to keep the beautiful appearance, brightness, texture and practicability of the sandstone countertop, you have to take the special maintenance action.

In most people’s opinion, the sandstone is the very hard stone, so it is not necessary to maintain. However, on the contrary, every kind of stone has its own weakness, and the porosity is one of the weakness of the sandstone. Unfortunately, due to this porous structure, the water is easier to penetrate into the sandstone, once the water penetrate, it will cause the color changing and chemical stain on the sandstone, and this spots will become impartible part for the sandstone. So, the sandstone needs the special maintenance.

Do not use any detergent or cleaning technology. The improper usage of the detergent will cause serious result. Before using and testing the detergent, examine the tags completely, you have to stopping using it once some untoward effect occurs.

classic white sandstone counterop for kitchen

classic white sandstone counterop for kitchen

If the corian sandstone countertop finishes the sealing, you can take some easy cleaning way to protect it. Sealing id very important protective measures, and once the sandstone finishes the sealing it can last for many years. After sealing, also need to be careful when using the sandstone countertop.

Removing the spillage promptly, do not leave the spillage leave on the corian sandstone countertop for a long time. When cleaning the sandstone countertop, it is better to use the litmusless detergent or the colorless and odorless abluent, also the moderate dishwashing detergent. It is forbidden to use the acid detergent, which will corrode the sandstone countertop.

Washing the sandstone countertop and the grouting part and do not put the detergent on the sandstone countertop. It is available to use the banister brush to remove the residue, if the dirt can not be removed, do not scrape it, and can clean repetitively.

The corian sandstone countertop needs occasional deep cleaning, and it is necessary to use the litmusless detergent. You can purchase the cleaning tools which are specialized in the deep cleaning. After spraying the detergent, do not erase it at once, and finally, it has to wash the corian sandstone countertop completely.

The followings are several suggestions for the sandstone countertop maintenance.

1)   The sandstone countertop detergent must be moderate;

2)   The detergent can not include the acid or citrus acid which will do harm for the brightness for the sandstone countertop surface;

3)   Be careful if use the vacuum cleaner with the metal ware which will scratch the sandstone countertop surface;

4)   Do not use the abrasive cleaner which will scratch the sandstone countertop surface for its abradant ingredient;

5)   Do not put the high temperature kitchen ware on the sandstone countertop directly, it had better to put the mat at first.

How to choose cabinet quartz stone countertops

white quartz countertop that Teustone Manufactured

Teustone white quartz countertop with one hole

The quartz stone is a very important part of countertop, the current domestic industry, quartz stone industry is uneven in quality and some quartz stone countertops are easy to crack, easy penetration and stain easily, after the consumers used for a period of time, the countertop without surface gloss and dull, it has stained with dirt not to wipe off., it has damage the interests of consumers directly;

natural white quartz stone plate

natural white quartz stone plate after polished

In the other hand, for the consumers, how to choose the quartz stone that is one of the most concerned problems, here we provide some tips to buy Quartz stone plate:

First, a looking: look the color that is not pure without turbidity, the surface does not have a feeling of plastic colloid, the another side without small pores.

Second, a smelling: it does not have the pungent chemical odor.

Third, a stroking: stroking the sample, whose the surface has a feeling of silk, without acerbity feeling, and it does not has obvious rugged feeling.

Fourth, a scuffing: scuffing the surface with the nail, no the obvious scratch.

Fifth, a touching: take two same samples to knock each other, it does not break easily.

Finally, a checking: check whether the product has ISO certification, quality inspection report, whether or not the product quality assurance card and related security marks.

It can identify the quality of finished quartz stone from the following four aspects:

A naked eye view: observe the surface structure of quartz stone. In general, the fine structure of the stone uniform has a delicate texture, that in the best quality; coarse and granule structure of the stone has poor appearance and its mechanical properties are not uniform, it in slightly lower quality. In addition, as a result of geological impact of natural stone, it often have some small fluctuations and micro cracks, the stone easily along the vulnerable parts to be rupture, that should be pay attention to eliminate. As for the lack of edges and corners is effect beautiful, when choose the stone should be noted especially.

A measuring: measure the size and specification. In order to avoid affecting the splicing, or causing the splicing pattern, flower pattern, line deformation, and affect the decoration.

A listening: listen to the stone percussion sound. Generally speaking, good quality and internal dense uniform without internal micro cracks of the quartz stone, its percussion sound crisp and sweet; on the contrary, if the existence of micro cracks within the stone or veins or due to weathering loose contact between particles , the percussion sound gruff.

A testing: with a simple test method to test the quality of quartz stone. It usually drop a drop of ink in the back of stone, the ink quickly scattered leaching, it mean that the stone inner loose particles or the existence of micro cracks, stone quality is not good; on the contrary, if the ink drops does not move, it mean that the stone density and the good quality.

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The Great Advantages of Marble Vanity Countertops

The marble vanity countertop is accepted by the high end market for its elegant nature texture, however, most customers has the difficulty to choose the carrara marble vanity top for its radiation problem and identification method. In the following, this article may help you to solve it.
Marble is the limestone with recrystallization, and its main ingredient is CaCO3. The limestone will soften under high temperature and high press, and when the changes occur on the mineral substance, it will recrystallize to the marble. What is more, the marble floor mainly process to all kinds of slabs and tiles to work as the wall, floor, countertop and column for the buildings, also the monument, tower and statue for the commemorative buildings.

custom bathroom marble vanitiy top

custom bathroom vanitiy top with white wood carrara marble

What is the advantages of the marble vanity countertops?

1.Indeformable. The marble vanity countertop has high hardness and strong wear-resistance. After the long time natural weathering, the marble structure is even, and less thermal expansion coefficient, also the internal stress disappears completely, so the marble is indeformable.
2.Acid and alkali resistance. The marble vanity countertop surface will not cause the rust, not need to coat the oil, and not easy to stick dust, what is more, it is easier to maintain, and has a longer lifespan.
3.Wear-resistance, the marble vanity countertop is heat-resistance. Excepting high intensity, strong wear-resistance and less deformation under the high temperature, there will exist little scratches, and can keep the original physical feature under the normal temperature.
4.The marble vanity countertop has stable physical property, close inner structure, and it will not cause the rough edge to keep the excellent flatness on the surface; the marble vanity countertop has stable texture so that it can keep indeformable for a long time; the marble vanity countertop has little thermal expansion coefficient, and it is rust-proof, anti-magnetism and insulative.

High value white marble vanity countertop

Luxurious marble vanity countertop for Bathroom

About the radiation of the marble vanity countertops

The marble vanity countertops not only have the extremely high requirements for the firmness and environmental protection, but also control the radioactivity strictly. For a long time, most people mistakenly think all marble vanity countertop will cause the radiation, so they always hesitate to choose to buy marble vanity top. In fact, there is lower radioactivity for the marble vanity countertop, which will not cause the harms for the human, also, it is oil-proof and convenient to clean.
When clean the marble vanity countertops, it is better to use less water. We can clean the marble vanity countertops with the mild cleaner and the moist cleaning cloth, then use the clean soft cleaning cloth to clean it.

The Advantage of Chinese Granite Countertops

Our daily food has a very close relationship with the countertops. Nowadays, more and more customers start to focus on the environmental protection and hygiene, so the durability and anti-microbial of the chinese granite countertops will influence our daily kitchen life directly.

cheap Top quality Chinese beige granite countertop

Top quality Chinese beige granite countertop

There are no two completely same granites in the world, so you can create a unique, luxurious and impressive kitchen. It is the fact that if you keep the proper maintenance, the beautiful appearance of the beige granite countertop never disappear with the time flies.
Next we will introduce the advantages of the beige granite countertop to help you to learn it better.
The beige granite countertop will increase the value of your house, so the chinese granite countertop is a very good investment for it can increase the elegance for your kitchen.
Granite is one kind of nature stone, it spreads all over the world and has the history of hundreds of years, but as the decoration material, it only has the history for about 40 years. Comparing with other commodity, it is more valuable, and its durability also is one of the most economic choice. As the kitchen countertop, it is useful and beautiful.
For the texture of the granite, the white granite countertop becomes one of easiest kitchen top for cleaning. There is no holes, so it will not stock and produce the bacteria and other kitchen dirt, in other words, the mould and mildew will not exist.
4.Easier to clean
It is simple to clean the white granite countertop, just need to know some basic maintenance knowledge. For the daily cleaning, just need to use the soft cloth or tissue with the soap-suds to clean the surface.
There will not cause the scratches on the granite countertop surface, only when using the diamond or other granite. Of course, no one want to use the kitchen countertop carefully every time, what you need is you can use it without worrying that you will break it. However, the granite can make sure it, and its solidity is one of the important reasons why many people choose it as the kitchen countertop.
The granite surface has good ability of heat dissipation, so it will not blister or crack under the high temperature. Even, you can put the hot frying pan on the surface directly without any scratches on it.
So many advantages for the chinese granite countertop, why hesitate, just buy one granite countertop for your kitchen, for your daily life.

popular american beige granite top for kitchen

best popular beige granite top

The knowledge about Artificial Stone Countertops

What is the artificial stone countertop?

beautiful colorful artificial stone countertops

beautiful colorful artificial stone countertops

Artificial stone countertop means the countertop made from the artificial stone. The artificial stone is one kind new composite material, and it is made from unsaturated polyester resin mixing with padding, pigment and a little initiator, after some processing process, the artificial stone is born. During the production, the artificial stone will become more colorful and bright if add some different pigment. Now the artificial stone becomes one of the new favorite in the decoration construction market for its advantage of nontoxicity, non-radioactive, fire resistance, oil-free, anti dirt penetration, antibiosis, mould proof, wear-resisting, impact resistance, easy maintenance, jointless, many patterns and so on.

How to use the artificial stone countertop

  • Normal countertop: cupboard vanity, bathroom countertop, window sill, commercialtop, dinning table, registration table, desk table, computer desk, bar countertop and so on. The artificial stone has the characteristics of natural and solid texture of the marble and the brightness and easy to process of the ceramic. So the application of the artificial marble stone shows that the decoration art is from the nature stone stage stepping to the new artificial stone stage.
  • Hospital table, experiment table: The artificial marble stone has better acid and alkali resistance and easy to clean, so it widely apply to the hospital table and experiment table where need the extremely clean and aseptic condition.

The notice when using the artificial stone

new artificial marble stones

Three kinds of quality artificial stones

It is extremely unavailable to put the high-temperature things on the artificial stone countertop directly or long time.

  • Do not use the artificial stone countertops the cutting board, and put the cutting board on it before chopping the vegetable.
  • Trying to keep dry for the artificial stone countertop surface
  • Preventing the artificial stone countertop surface from the strong chemical.

How to maintain the artificial stone countertop

For the much stain and dirt: Using the soap-suds or the cleaner including the ammonium hydroxide(like dish detergent) to clean. For the incrustation remover: Using the wet cleaning cloth to remove the incrustation, then use the dry cleaning cloth to clean the surface. For the cutting marks, burning marks and scratches: Using the 400-600 grit sandpaper to grid until the marks disappear, then use the cleaner and scouring pad to clean the surface.

Nowadays, more and more customers focus on the environmental protection and hygienism for the artificial stone kitchen countertop, because the food has a close contact with the countertop, so the wear-resistance and antimicrobial properties of the countertop will influence the daily life directly. However, choose the artificial marble stone countertops, choose the healthy life.

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Analysis of commonly used countertops


one white ceramic sink for countertop

white ceramic countertop sinks

Ceramic is a kind of metal and glass between the goods, are fragile goods; at present, there is no uniform national standards for the thickness of the ceramic, in order to save costs, most businesses’ thickness has not reached the safety standards; it leads to ceramic are easily broken or disconnected, the broken ceramic water chestnut especially sharp and easy to scratch the skin even; so use the process to be especially careful. If you have children, please do not choose the unknown brand, you have heard of the consequences of poor toilet sitting broken! So it is best to choose a big brand of ceramic countertop sinks, big brands in terms of quality and service is more secure.

Yellow marble countertop for bathroom

Top value Yellow marble countertop

Natural marble stone is just the opposite of ceramics, it is hard and not brittle, the thickness of the marble general in 1.6CM or more; the color of marble is rich and varied, and it can be processed into various shapes, it is a variety of high-grade bathroom furniture first material, the key is the natural marble stone can not fade, it can maintain the home Furnishing & supplies fresh, and ceramics color will turn yellow and fade when used a long time. Marble is sedimentary rock, radiation is very small, in line with national safety standards of marble product has no harm for the human body. Custom bathroom cabinets generally use white marble countertop, because marble can be flexible in terms of size control, it is fully consistent with the customized dimensional requirements the bathroom cabinet.

15cm whide white quartz countertops

white quartz stone countertops

Quartz stone is another kind of durable material besides artificial stone. The excellent performance of quartz stone that is can greatly increase the hardness, strength and wear resistance of artificial stone, and it is not easy to scratch in the process of use. That is a great advantage for countertop material. In the use of the bathroom cabinet, there will always be something, such as cosmetics and toothpaste falling on the table in the case, that may penetrate the table and leave a mark cannot be wiped.

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How to choose high quality granite stone

Granite Stone has a variety of patterns and beautiful colors for the interior designers to provide a lot of creative elements. More and more people wholesale granite stone to increase the simple taste in modern home decoration. Then the stone from the choice, pavement to the post-maintenance all have subtle differences. If you don’t pay attention, the stone can not show the beauty of the desired.

Wholesale Chinese Brown Granite Stone

brow granite stone export to American

The good and bad points of brown granite stone depends on the quality and processing of blocks. High quality granite stone surface without too much variegated color, color uniform, not suddenly light and strong, but the poor quality stone after processing will have a lot of “defects” can’t be covered up. Therefore, the stone surface pattern is an important index to evaluate the quality of stone. If the processing technology not up accessories, the finished product will appear warping, depression, stains, missing edge off angle, color lines, cracks, pits and other phenomena, this granite stone is certainly not “top grade”.

According to the people who specialize in the sale of imported granite stone, high-quality granite stone should be cutting the edge of the board without neat edges, smooth surface, high brightness, hand touch no rough feeling.

Chinese milky white granite tiles

20*20 inch milky white granite tiles

Decoration on the ground to avoid “a murky sky over a dark earth”
Home decoration should choose those light color granite stone as a decorative material, such as milky white granite tiles.It can give a warm, quiet feeling, but also the effect of expanding the ground area.
From the species that should try to choose those wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistant brown granite stone. In terms of selling price, the large yield light-colored granite series is relatively cheap.It is suitable for general income family to buy, and easier to ingredient to replace the damaged part. From the plate specifications, the ground should try to choose granite sheet (8 to 12 mm), which is mainly to consider the ground strength and housing bearing two factors.

Modern white granite countertops for kitchenq

Kitchen white granite countertops

Countertop color should resistant dirty
Granite Stone decoration products into the home more is made of all kinds of furniture table tops, which should take into account pollution problems, and thus to choose some deep color stone, like green, blue, red series of marble and granite. Granite with large patterns have better decorative effect.
Kitchen granite countertops should choose thick plate 25 mm. Because granite in the kitchen with too much acid and alkali can be durable and yet luster, and have a very high strength.

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